Welcome to MyTechBook.Info – after nearly 14 years working as a software developer and making use of the Internet for help in doing my work through visiting many technical solution, and blog sites, I have finally decided to give something back to our community by creating this blog area. I should have done it years ago, but was too busy or too lazy (the later reason if you ask my wife !!!). My hopes are that the things I blog about will be useful to developers, IT Development/Project Managers, and other people who are working in the IT sector. I also hope that the site is useful for people who are looking to get into IT or those that need an overview of certain topics.

In each of the main technical category areas I intend to blog about – I will endeavor to include posts on development/programming issues and their solutions. I hope to make available for download (for FREE of course !!) any useful tools I manage to develop for use in development projects. Descriptions of each category area I intend to blog about can be found by clicking here.

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