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Removing Meeting Instances from SharePoint Meeting Workspaces

Removing meeting instances from a SharePoint Meeting Workspace, usually means removing some unwanted dates that you may have created in the left hand side.  Now  if like me you have created a bunch of dates by linking to the meeting workspace from Outlook and using the meeting recurrence button in Outlook – then you will [...]

Installing SharePoint 2013 List Component for CRM 2011

I had installed this component a few months ago against SharePoint 2010 Server, but in our new environment I have a SharePoint 2013 Foundation system installed purely for the purpose of storing documents that relate to CRM 2011 entity processes, and the SharePoint 2013 system is also hosted on a Windows Server 2012 OS – [...]

Installing Issues of CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012 and Supporting Components

The architectural setup of the server environments to host and support our Dynamics CRM 2011 software is shown below:-   Notice something odd about the above diagram? – Yes the CRM Server is hosted on a Windows 2008 R2 OS.  The reason for this is that despite my best efforts at researching the compatibility of [...]