I started my career in IT in the mid 90’s – and in the first year I was mainly involved in web development on UNIX platforms (Solaris, and DEC Alpha), using a variety of databases that included Oracle, Illustra, and Informix.  Then in the late 90’s I moved to what would be considered by my old university chums as the ‘dark side’ – yes I moved into the Microsoft  Windows Development world building client server based systems along with using Oracle (again !!!).  With the popular rise of Java and the Microsoft .Net platforms I decided to take the Microsoft .Net route (I say ‘decided’ – but more so enforced by working environment).   So my core skills in software development that are most recent would include the following:-

  • Oracle PL/SQL,
  • C#,
  • ASP.Net,
  • SharePoint,
  • Dynamics CRM,
  • WCF
  • SQL Server – T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS
  • Software Architecture/Design

Beyond the above skill sets – like any ‘normal’ developer I have always been interested in technology, which is not necessarily related to my working life.  So it would be true to say that I have a general interest that covers all areas of IT, including new gadgets and hardware, and the working environment for everyone in the business of Information Technology.