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The Ultimate Menace for Developers – IT Directors

I have had the fortune or misfortune of working under 10+ IT directors.  As the years have gone by – I have found it difficult to cope with their ‘understanding’ of software development.  Never mind the personality issues – it’s their own experience (or non-experience) of the IT industry that can be the real issue [...]

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Interviewing for a Software Developer Role In 2012

I recently changed my job after being offered a VR option at my last job. In finding my latest job I am glad to tell you the following despite the economic downturn across the western world in 2012:- There are lots of Software Developer roles out there!!!! It seems that the IT industry is kind [...]

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The Changing Nature of the IT Project Manager

When I first started as a developer the project manager was usually the team leader who had behind him many years of software development, and was also capable of providing their team the necessary guidance and help when the pressure was on.  That was back in the mid to late 90’s where the systems developed [...]