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SharePoint Visual Web Part Not Working but Showing No Errors

This is a strange one that I experienced a few months ago and feel compelled to write about it.  I had written a visual web part for SharePoint 2010, and installed it during out of business hours.  I added it to a page and then waited for the next day where my work colleague was going [...]

SharePoint Wiki Or Publishing Pages – Introduction

SharePoint 2010 is usually advertised as a collaboration tool allowing organisations to share key information between their staff, and business units.  One of the many ways to provide this in SharePoint is through the use of Wiki Pages, and Publishing Pages.  A few months ago I had to create a site which would host the [...]

SharePoint Wiki or Publishing Pages Part 1

Not too long ago I had the task of making available an important document on our SharePoint farm.  The document was already online on the SharePoint 2007 legacy site, using a mixture of web parts and a Wiki Pages library.  However, the users were not satisfied with the mechanism to update the content as it [...]