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403 Error SharePoint 2013

  I recently got this 403 error when trying to access the homepage of a site collection related to one of my Web Applications (SharePoint 2013).  The error was NOT happening on the home page of my other web application’s site collection.  Symptoms and solutions include the following:- 1) Home page of site collection produces [...]

Adding Row Number in SSRS Report

Sometimes users demand that the output of entries in a tablix contains a column with sequential number of the rows.  Normally it would be sufficient to just add the RowNumber({Scope}) function.  However, if your DataSet has a grouping then you will find that the row number that is displayed is no longer sequential but each [...]

SharePoint Visual Web Part Not Working but Showing No Errors

This is a strange one that I experienced a few months ago and feel compelled to write about it.  I had written a visual web part for SharePoint 2010, and installed it during out of business hours.  I added it to a page and then waited for the next day where my work colleague was going [...]