SharePoint Wiki Or Publishing Pages – Introduction

CRMImaeOnRightSharePoint 2010 is usually advertised as a collaboration tool allowing organisations to share key information between their staff, and business units.  One of the many ways to provide this in SharePoint is through the use of Wiki Pages, and Publishing Pages.  A few months ago I had to create a site which would host the main Staff Handbook for the organisation.  My journey in doing this task was quite involved and included:-

  1. Providing a means for the end business users to make updates to the content easily without getting too technically involved.
  2. Designing a structure for the content which would allow mass creation of pages, that are consistent in look and feel.

To share this experience with the reader who may have a similar task to the one that I went through or wishes to know more about SharePoints Wiki and Publishing Pages feature and how to programmatically create such pages I have produced three articles:-

SharePoint Wiki Or Publishing Pages Part 1 – In this article I describe the task at hand, and overview of the design and structure.

SharePoint Wiki Or Publishing Pages Part 2 – the discussion here focuses on how to create the content using Wiki Pages.

SharePoint Wiki Or Publishing Pages Part 3 – introducing publishing pages in SharePoint and creating the content using such pages.

I hope that by the time you finish reading the article links above – you will be able to create Wiki’s or Publishing Pages that have the following content and functionality:-

  1. Consistent look and feel
  2. Create pages programmatically and set page properties as required.
  3. Automatically create pages with images, and Next/Previous links
  4. Provide a mechanism for the end user to print the contents
  5. Have a better understanding of SharePoint Wiki and Publishing Pages both from a design and programming perspective



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