SharePoint Wiki or Publishing Pages Part 1

Not too long ago I had the task of making available an important document on our SharePoint farm.  The document was already online on the SharePoint 2007 legacy site, using a mixture of web parts and a Wiki Pages library.  However, the users were not satisfied with the mechanism to update the content as it meant editing a series of web parts.  So after doing some research I found that I could structure it better using the SharePoint 2010 Wiki features.  Much of what I did initially was based on some sound advice presented in the following blog:-

I strongly recommend that you read the content presented in the above blog, as it provides very good guidance on how to structure a document using wiki pages.  The initial proto-type I did was based on much of the advice given in the article but unfortunately the interface produced was still not to the satisfaction of the users, at which point I started examining the publishing pages that are available in SharePoint 2010.  I will present in this article how I had to approach this entire task using both Wiki Pages and publishing pages, and also cover some of the limitations I had faced when trying to implement certain user features.  The key items I had to contend with are:-

1)    Create a Contents Page that provides links to main section pages.

2)    Create Section Pages which have a list of pages for that section

3)    Each Section Page and Pages within that section should have navigation built in so that users can go to the next page and the previous page.

4)    Each Section page with links to other pages should have an image displayed.

5)    There should be printing available.

Now the document I had to create consisted of over 20 sections and within each section there were a number of pages – in total there were over 100 pages.  So to create this document I had to use the SharePoint object model to automate various aspects to create the necessary pages but before doing the programming it helped to collate the information in a structured way within an Excel spread sheet as will be seen in this article.

Some useful things, you may wish to understand about Wiki Pages & Publishing pages (if you have not looked into them in the past) can be found in the following Microsoft article:-

The article above is something I consider a MUST read for you to appreciate some of the features offered by wiki pages and particular the way you can link pages together using the various control sequences (i.e. ‘[[ {page name} ]]’).   Also it is a good idea to download the SharePoint 2010 Manager tool from the following Codeplex site:-

Once you have downloaded the tool you should right click on the exe and ‘Run as Administrator’.   I used the tool to retrieve/read the various underlying internal names of columns for Wiki pages and Publishing pages.

Please note that in the sample coding that is used throughout this topic you will need to create Console applications.  When you do this – please ensure that the properties of the project have the following settings:-

1)    Launch Visual Studio as ‘Administrator’

2)    Set the .Net Framework to 3.5

3)    Set the Target Platform to 64 bit.


Design Using Wiki Pages to Create Content

The structure I will create using Wiki Pages and later on using Publishing Pages is illustrated below:-

Wiki Library Structure


The structure is very simple for this example:-

Contents.ASPX: – will be web part page which I will put into the Site Assets library.  This page will consist of a Content Query web part and a Content Editor web part, and the Content Query web part will be used to retrieve the various Section Headings (i.e. Software, Databases, and CMS) and under each section will list the main content pages for the subject area.  Below is an illustration this contents page for our Wiki Site, which will become the Homepage:-


We will return to how the above page will be setup later.

CRM – Contents (ASPX) , Oracle Database Contents (ASPX), and SharePoint 2010 Contents (ASPX): – these will be normal wiki pages that will be in the wiki page library.  Each of these content pages will list the other Wiki Pages that exist which relate to their subject area (e.g. CRM – Contents will have links to Customizations.aspx, Marketing Lists.aspx, and Reports.aspx), and we also want to put an image on the right hand side of the page for decorative purposes.  So our typical contents page will look as follows:-



As you can see from above the Contents pages will consist of the list of pages for the subject area, an image on the right hand plane, and there will be links to to the Previous and Next pages.

Wiki Pages with Content (e.g. Customizations.aspx) :- These are going to be our content pages, and typically they will have in the left hand side the main text content, and on the right hand side they will have links to the Previous and Next pages as illustrated in the sample page below:-


Now that the scene has been set we can now look at how the functionality of this Wiki Page library can be achieved by careful design.  Please also note to save some space I have avoided in these articles from displaying the entire web page.

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