Site Category Listing Descriptions

The following is a table listing each of the category areas that this site will publish articles for, and describes more fully what these areas will cover:-

IT WORKPLACEIT WorkplaceAs a developer I suspect there are many out there who feel they need to discuss issues in the workplace that we face on a daily basis, such as the differences in project management approaches, dealing with deadlines, developer burn-out, and many other things that keep us worried or on edge.
LEARNING-MEDIALearning MediaIt is always important to keep up with changes in Software Development with new tools, languages, and platform being introduced at an unrelenting pace. This section will cover reviews of existing learning material like books, pod-casts, and courses that will be of use to every developer.
LINUX-UNIX-WORLDLinux/Unix WorldFrom time to time – I like to go back to basics and delve into this world either out of curiosity or necessity (like setting up a VMWARE ESXI server).
MICROSOFT-TECHBOOKMicrosoft TechBookSince 2002 using Microsoft .Net technologies has been my main area of work, so I will endeavour to blog about my development experiences using the various Microsoft toolsets that are out there.
ORACLE-TECHBOOKOracle TechBookThe Oracle RDBMS has been a platform I have developed on for many years – I hope to discuss all issues related to the Oracle database and any supporting tools in this category.
SOFTWARE-DEVELOPMENTSoftware DevelopmentGeneral topics on software development and architecture unrelated to the main technology platforms (i.e. Microsoft, Oracle, or Linux/Unix), such as development methodologies.
TECHNOLOGY-REVIEWSTechnology ReviewsAs developers we should naturally keep up with what changes in technology are taking place outside, and sometimes to reminisce over gadgets and products that have had their time.