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SharePoint Visual Web Part Not Working but Showing No Errors

This is a strange one that I experienced a few months ago and feel compelled to write about it.  I had written a visual web part for SharePoint 2010, and installed it during out of business hours.  I added it to a page and then waited for the next day where my work colleague was going [...]

Removing Meeting Instances from SharePoint Meeting Workspaces

Removing meeting instances from a SharePoint Meeting Workspace, usually means removing some unwanted dates that you may have created in the left hand side.  Now  if like me you have created a bunch of dates by linking to the meeting workspace from Outlook and using the meeting recurrence button in Outlook – then you will [...]

Create Wiki Pages In SharePoint using List Web Service

This is a strange one as it caused some unexpected results during the development process – I needed to create a whole load of wiki pages in numerious wiki libraries (over 200 pages as it happens) both locally on my development box and then on the production box.   So I looked at Web Services from [...]