TFS204017: The Operation Cannot be completed because…

I recently kept on getting a message in TFS 2012 when trying to check-in my code:-

TFS204017: The Operation cannot be completed because the user [domain\user1] does not have one or more required permissions for workspace [workspace]; [domain\user2]

Now the problem was that all the help on the internet pointed me towards setting the workspace owner to the correct value – in this case it would have been [domain\user1].  However, I failed to see why that should be done as I as actually logged on as [domain\user2].  So following the recommended advice on the web was not an option.  So after doing a lot of searching I found that the answer was to check the Windows Credential’s Manager which had fixed my connections to TFS under a single domain user account – in this case it was [domain\user1].  To resolve the issue (and also finding the issue)  – I did a search from the Start menu for the ‘Credential Manager’ which then popped up the following window:-

Credential Manager

TFS 2012 – TFS 204017 Message


When the dialog came up – I had the option to change the logon credentials to the TFS 2012 server, which I did to [domain\user2] – the actual account I was logged on as.  Then – I was able to check-in my code, – why suddenly the message started to appear is unknown to me, but the source that helped me resource can be found at:-

In the answer given in the above the link – the issue it seems is something to do with the Virtual Server environment in which I work and the original installation.  I am no network expert but I guess the truth is probably with the infrastructure team – the network people that get up to no good when the developers are not around !!!

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